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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Mr. Tam Hitmiangsong of Waterville
15/5/14 Straight to the belated Salmon department, last night Vincent’s Son-in-law Mr. Tam Hitmiangsong of Waterville, caught a fine Salmon on the troll in the 9 lbs class, on that note I will go straight to his quote of the day, What honorable Father-in-law can do in the morning, honorable Son-in-law can do in the evening, what dose this mean in practical terms, if you are out there you can catch honorable Salmon and its better than nursing honorable hangover, ah that reminds me, must go to Lobster Bar to celebrate, cheers. Now today’s facts there isn't any, and not surprising with bright sunshine and very little wind and what wind was there was from the SW light.                        

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