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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Michael and Trevor
18/5/14 There was great action on Lough Curran today in the trolling department. We start on the North side and Waterville Boats and first in the striking zone was Mr. Trevor Dewberry of the UK, who caught a cracker of a Salmon weighing in at 10 lbs. while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats and at and in Michael’s Hired out Boat Department. Mr. Andy Wishart of Northern Ireland, also caught a cracker of a Salmon on the troll in the 9 lbs. class. Now we cut across to the South side. Swiss Angler, Mr. Frank Rossat fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of  caught a fine 9 lbs Salmon on the troll. Now we head to the western end of Lough Currane, Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley caught a Salmon on the troll and last but not least an Angler fishing on his own also caught a fine Salmon on the troll. Wind SW light with reasonable cloud cover this morning and bright sunshine all afternoon.

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