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Saturday, September 17, 2016


17/9/16 In the last few days, Mr. Jim Marriot and fishing party and fishing with their Gillie’s Mr. Neil O’Shea and of and Mr. Tom O’Shea of Between the two Boats they caught 20 Sea Trout up to 2 lbs. All were C&R. Now for today’s action, we start at the bungalow and the hired out boat department of Mr. Brian O’Connell and Richie White, caught 5 Sea Trout and Mr. Richie White finished their day off with a fine Salmon. Staying in Neil’s hired out boat department Mr. Mike O’Hanranan caught 4 Sea Trout on the Drift and last but not least, an angler fishing out of caught 3 Trout up to 2 lbs. and just for the record all the Bungalow catches were C&R. Now we head for the South Side and a Mixture of the hired out boat department and the Gillie at the  helm. We Start in the hired out boat department of Bob and Roman from Luxemburg, they caught 14  Trout on the drift. The Steven Brothers from the UK caught 11 Sea Trout from Junior Class up to 2 lbs. also in good form in Frank’s hired out boat department was Mr. DJ Riordan from Killarney, who caught 6 Juniors, another of Franks hired out boats had 9 Sea Trout to his rod and last but not least Mr. Michael  Debrun fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of caught 3 Juniors. Wind W light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover.                                        

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