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Thursday, September 22, 2016


22/9/16 All the action came from the South side and in the words of Mr. Frank Donnelly the Commander-in-chief of and I quote, in your backdate department, County down boys left yesterday 3 days fishing, 2 hired boats, averaged more than 20 juniors, to each boat each day.
May it be the first of many
I myself fishing with 15 year old Mark Whelan caught his first salmon on the fly and two sea trout at one and half each. All I can say is congratulations to Mark and welcome to the big time. Now for the rest of the Lough Currane news, well there isn’t any, except the wind was strong this morning blowing down the Lake, in my opinion strong wind or not a lot of anglers were River Inny bound, all I can say is I hope their reels were louder that my iphone. Here endeth today’s News.


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