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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


 19/1/21 It is sad to see that again there were no traditional local Brown Tag anglers on this 3rd day of the Brown Tag Spring fishing. So, let us get the opinion of local angler Mr. Brod O’Sullivan, Its all yours Brod, well Vince I have been getting my Salmon Licence for 65 years and I didn’t get a Brown Tag and it will be the first time in my life that I won’t be able to reminisce going down the North Shore in January and February and yes I’m in my eighties but in fishing terms I still feel I’m in my twenty’s and in a way I feel Discriminated that I didn’t get a tag and I’m sure there are much younger local anglers than me that feel the same, all I can hope is I get a Brown Tag in March. Talking of Younger anglers, local angler Mike also makes his point, its all yours Mike, False data from a fish counter that has never worked properly has caused our lake to be empty today, I feel anglers are being treated like criminals, begging for brown tags to be able to fish a lake that we have been on since we were young boys, how can you have proper figures when the counter was off so many times, never cleaned properly and has a pass that has no counter, it’s a shame to see what’s going on based on lies             



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