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Saturday, January 23, 2021



                                   All Quiet On the North Shore!

23/1/21 3 Brown tag boats out manipulating the Currane Waters this day, I can tell you it was very cold and wet. And followed by a fresh wind from the South, sadly the boats did not stay out long. Just for the record there was no barbless hook boats out. Now we head for the email department and a reply to yesterday’s comment. So take it away David, Well said Sean I agree 100pc with your idea of, if you didn’t want or weren’t able to use your tag put back in draw and all the locals might have got brown tags, sad to see very few boats out trying to catch Currane first salmon 2021, it’s sad to hear diehards are missing from lake, I hope for Currane’s sake they get tags in March, Waterville needs the locals out there. Thanks again Sean pity you weren’t organising the draw, and thanks Vincent for keeping the reports going in these strange times. Love Waterville, regular angler David.         

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