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Monday, January 25, 2021



                            The Snow Mountains of Kerry!

25/1/21 Straight to today’s facts and I can say without any fear of contradiction that My Noble Salmon has not been Brown Tagged at this present time and the same goes for the Barbless manipulators, so I can say there was no stimulation on a very cold Lough Currane today. Just for the record there were 3 Brown Tag Boats and one Barbless boat out. Now we head for the email department and today’s topic and you have it, so take it away, JM here, Hi Vincent very disappointed reading your blog on Sunday, only 2 boats on the lake , very sad to hear no regular locals fishing for heavens sake their the back bone of Waterville lake and have been for years, I can’t understand why these anglers especially in the times were in, weren’t handed tags, I think it’s a disgrace, all locals inside 5km  with travel ban in place don’t have brown tag, to me it looks very badly organised by the fisheries also, no common sense here, for god sake fisheries board cop on and give the diehards tags and make amends for your mistakes.  Where the other 13 tags. Coming to Waterville many years love the lake and the locals, your friend, jM.    

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