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Friday, January 22, 2021



                   Brownless Tagless ?? 

22/1/21 On today’s Brown tags and tagless Anglers I can say without any fear of contradiction today was Salmonless, just for the record there were 3 boats out, 1 Barbless and two Brown tag boats out. Now to the email department and Currane Angler Sean wants to have his say on the Brown tags and that is ok with me, so take it away Sean and I quote, Hi Vincent, I have been following your Blog since the opening day, I cannot understand this brown tag system. If you get a brown tag how are you allowed to give it to another angler, surely if you cannot use tag the fair thing would be is to put it back in and draw again, it will give locals without a tag a fair chance to get a brown tag, I cannot believe what has happened, surely it is illegal to just hand tags around to one another, regular Currane angler, Sean.         

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