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Friday, August 15, 2014


Tom, Jeremy 
15/8/14 Straight to the specimen Sea Trout department and first in the striking zone was renowned Local Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of who caught a cracker of a Sea Trout of 8 lbs.1 ozs on the fly and as all good Gillie’s do when they hook their fish they hand their fly rod to their client, in this case Mr. Jeremy O’Connor, sportingly declined this invitation and the battle commenced and Tom had one hell of a battle with his Noble Sea Trout, it took about 20 minutes to conquer the battling fish and with one swipe of the net Tom had caught his biggest ever Sea Trout on the fly. Staying with Tom in his C&R department his client Mr. Jeremy O’Connor finished their day off with a fine 3 lbs. Sea Trout. Now to hired out boat department of in the last few days, Kay and Sean Dalton from Tipperary, caught 5 Sea Trout on the fly and all in the Junior
class. Wind NW light with bright sunshine.

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