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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


12/4/17 There were at least 4 four boats manipulating this day on Lough Currane and with all their skill and knowledge they still couldn’t procure a Wild Atlantic Salmon, in other words they failed miserably in their duties in all departments. So on that note we head for the complaining department and yes you have it, yesterday I revived a text on why I keep taking shots at the Waterville anglers and here is the text in full, Just for the record Vincent there are probably many fish caught on the lake that are not reported to you so you should not blagard the anglers. There was a fine 10 lb salmon caught on Sunday 9th, fresh but with net marks on him. Maybe it's not the angler's fault, it's the lack of fish. !!!! Now for my defense, Well thanks for starters and just for the record I do know that there’s a lot of Salmon not reported and that is a fact and of which you have proved by the text you sent me and forgive the pun, Anglers who don’t report their catches are letting the local community down in a big way because for every Salmon or big Sea Trout which is not reported is a big financial Loss to the community, One Salmon or a specimen Sea Trout is potentially worth 250 Euros and how do I come up with that calculation, well one Salmon or Sea Trout might entice 1 angler to come down and fish the Waterville Fishery and last but not least I don’t have a Crystal Ball because if you the anglers don’t report that is not my problem because I can only report what is reported to me, need I say more! Wind NE light and overcast. Yesterdays maximum air temperature 10.8c.          

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