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Wednesday, June 5, 2019


5/6/19 Today was a special day and a historic day in Ireland and I can assure its not false news and yes the President of the Untied States of America arrived in Ireland, what has that got to do with Lough Currane, well I will let Currane angler have his say on today’s action and I quote, I’m Craig Crossley from Orlando Florida, I came over to Ireland to escape President Trump and he followed me over to the Emerald Isle and as luck would have it I went out fishing with my guide and caught a great 4 lbs. Salmon on the troll which totally made my day and tonight I and Family had a great Salmon feast and I have to say my Guide worked hard to get that Salmon and after that great feed I and my Family of six hill walkers will be ready for making our way back to Killarney tomorrow and again thanks to the Waterville Fishery for supporting my Family at the Dinner table this evening. Staying in the Salmon department, Currane Angler Mr. Patrick’s Labere of France caught a fine 5 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of Wind NNE light showers this morning and bright and sunny this afternoon. Yesterdays weather amount of rainfall 1,8 mm. Maximum air temperature 13.4 c.       

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