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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Nothing like the fly!
25/9/19 Currane Anglers today were all quiet on all fronts but the same couldn’t be said for hired out boat department, Mr. David Delap was well satisfied with today’s Trout fishing and rose plenty trout all day, they may have taken short but at least there was some great action. Now for catch of the day on the River Inny. Currane / Inny Fly UK fly Angler, Mr Khem Joory and Currane / Inny Fly Angler, Mr John Johnson, caught 10 Salmon on the river Inny today and as you can see by the photos of their C&R Salmon they were delighted with their fly fishing and on a personal note its great see Khem back on the Waterville fishery manipulating his flies and I can say without any fear of contradiction in the fly department he’s as good with his right hand as he is with his left. Just for the record their Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of reported to me that in his hired out boat department, Currane / Inny Fly Angler, Mr John Johnson has caught 33 Sea Trout and same goes for the Brown on the drift, you could say approximately 66 Trout on the drift. Wind SW and overcast and a good amount of rainfall. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 7.8 mm. Maximum air temperature 16.1 c.

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