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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Lough Currane was calm the same couldn't be said for the anglers! 
22/8/17 Lough Currane was on the quiet side even though one angler did report some nice fish moving in the afternoon, but sadly my noble Salmon and Sea Trout gave the anglers a Winston Churchill, but going by the photo my Noble Anglers had a good excuse because there was little to no wind and what wind was there was coming from the South then veered SW, light to calm with reasonable cloud cover in the morning, come afternoon very sunny. Yesterdays weather amount of rainfall 1.6mm. Maximum air temperature 17.0c.


  1. Vincent, are you joking??? You are now reporting that some guy actually SAW a fish? THERE ARE NO SEATROUT. Weather, flies, lures, noble fishermen, and all that other guff you write, are all irrelevant. You have reported 95 seatrout this year, most under 1.5lbs for well over 1000 rod days. Not long ago, a single good angler could expect to catch this in a season. The truth about the lake is slowly getting out and the locals who are trying to suppress the truth need to get ahead of this or they will find themselves exposed as the engineers of the cover-up to keep getting unfortunate, unknowing anglers to Currane so they can be fleeced while fishing on a lake devoid of seatrout. IF YOU"RE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU"RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  2. The gilie's wont tell the clients the truth about the lake, they just want there pound of flesh, if they really cared about the lake & not treat it as a cash cow we might be able to do something good for the lake& 1 of the main factors would be to stop the slaughter of specimen seatrout, its getting to the stage , you may as well hand it over to inland fisheries

    1. Agreed. Although they only have about 1 more season to get out of it until the word spreads that the run of trout is all but gone. Who could believe that the second Saturday in August would have only 1 boat out for the full day and 2 others for a couple of hours. Nobody in the mouth of the Comeragh and conditions were perfect. Pictures of a few oul black salmon and dead seatrout are doing more to show the demise of the lake than anything else. The cash cow is dying on it's feet.

  3. New report; I met a fat bloke down the pub who told me he met a man who heard of a woman who was married to a bloke who saw a seatrout in the lake!

  4. Why can't you tell the truth vincent about Lough currane it's a dead lake

  5. Why can't you tell the truth vincent about Lough currane it's a dead lake


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