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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Wing and a Prayer 
27/8/17 There were just a few boats out manipulating this day and with all their efforts I can say without any fear of contradiction their lines were slack throughout the day, be it flie or troll. Wind SW light to calm and overcast. Yesterday whether, amount of rainfall 0.4mm. Maximum air temperature 17.9c.    


  1. Vincent, I looked back at your blog to August 2010. EXCLUDING the competition, where a very good number of seatrout were caught, you reported 328 seatrout with zero blank days out of 31. So far this year, in August you have reported 9 seatrout with 22 blank days out of 27! Conditions were no better or worse in either year. The sealice problem has finished off this lake as a fishing destination.

  2. Well i certainly wont be handing over 140 of my hard earned cash to a gillie anymore, Currane is in serious trouble, haven't seen any fresh fish

  3. Vincent u state no spin just fact u seem to ignore in your reports the fact is there are precious few seatrout left in the system and that is a fact u seem to ignore in your reports WHY ?

  4. "My noble angler" is rapidly becoming wise to the malpractice on Currane & also to the grossly exaggerated reports that suggest that there is still good fishing to be had in this corner of Kerry... If only... "My noble angler" is most deserving of this title. He or she, is often the humble individual who will put bad press aside into their subconscious & still be happy to part with a considerable sum of money in the hope of a half decent days fishing. He or she is not looking to fill the boat with fish, not at all. Provide some scenic surroundings, fair weather & a few fish to reward the efforts & he is a happy man, or happy woman. But unfortunately for Currane, my noble angler is a gregarious creature, for meeting others for a drink & more fishing talk is very much part of the day & the world is now a very small place. Currane has been on it's knees for years, salmon farms on the doorstep, overfishing by excessive trolling & specimen seatrout being killed by the dozen. Alarm bells were ringing but nobody wanted to listen.
    Stop duping people, & stop the bad grammar & spelling in your reports while you are at it. You are English for Christ's sake, get yourself a good dictionary & use it.

  5. Has anyone seen any cormorants on the lake this year? Very few, they've given up on Currane.

    1. They have all gone wrasse fishing as the salmon farms are reported to be paying handsomely for their services


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