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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


My Feathers always get a rise!
30/8/17 This reporting is getting like the sixties TV series Peyton Place, the same script day in day out and yes you have it, the Waterville anglers failed again miserably in their flie selection and one is coming to the conclusion we anglers are losing our touch and as one old angler said to me in a Bar in Castleisland today, Vincent, you anglers down there never had it, cheers and walked out laughing!! Wind NW with showers and reasonable cloud cover. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.2 mm. Maximum air temperature 16.6c.    


  1. Vincent, are the anglers on Currane REALLY that bad. I don't think so. I know most of them abd I think they're really good. Less innuendo and more facts might help......

  2. I must change my username to 'neveragain'. I've spent my last Euro in Waterville, its a waste of time and money. I read this blog in the hope of seeing some good reports (and some good reporting) but alas it seems those times are in the past. Vincent if you keep laying the blame for blank days on the 'noble angler' then you're not going to attract any anglers to Waterville. I see this blog for what it is, a promotional tool to attract anglers to Waterville so gillies can earn a few euro, however I feel you are putting anglers off, firstly by more or less insulting us with comments like 'noble anglers failed miserably in their duties'....what bull! and secondly with your poor reporting. Can you spell 'fly' properly! I tie 'flies' but if I tie just one then its a 'fly'.
    Similar to some recent posts, can you just be honest and say the lake is banjaxed!


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