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Thursday, August 31, 2017


A two wing Gull !
31/8/17 My Noble anglers went out on the Waters of Lough today with enthusiasm and as the bells struck 5 pm one can say without any fear of contradiction, the anglers enthusiasm had sank to an all time low as they headed for the Bars and Off licences to drown their sorrows in whisky and beer and in the words of one Angler after a few pints and I quote, in the words of Vincent Appleby, I can say that my Noble Salmon and Sea Trout failed miserably in their duties on this last day of August. Wind NE light to calm and sunny. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 1.0 Maximum air temperature 16.6.


  1. Two winged gull? maybe .more common a sight than a seatrout apparently

  2. The vast majority of people that take the trouble to look at this blog are are anglers, therefore, they probably lack any interest in ornithology or in bird watching... If your definition of providing a useful fishing blog is a daily stroll down to the lake shore to photograph seagulls & then to go on to undermine anglers on the lake as completely incompetent then you deserve all the negative feedback you get. Stop posting this crap. Do something credible for a change & admit that Currane is in serious trouble.

  3. All gulls have 2 wings! Vincent do you have a few gargles every night before you write your report?? It might explain a few things!


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