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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


 14/4/20 We start today’s notes on a reality and a humble point of view on the Corona Virus and for a good reason, Waterville and London based, Currane Angler Vincent O’Sullivan, Son of Renowned Waterville Gillie Vincent O’Sullivan Snr. has caught the Virus and as you can see in his video it brings all us complaining anglers down to earth and there is nothing like a reality wake up call, take itaway Vince and tell your video story of a fact of life and on behalf of the Currane Anglers and all your good friends and neighbours of Waterville and Kerry, get well soon. Now today’s Lough Currane check in, No comment on this bright and sunny day, with a light wind from the North West. Yesterday’s weather, yesterday’s weather maximum air temperature 16.1 Centigrade.  

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