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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


29/4/20 No reports of any boats out. Wind West and then went flat calm, followed by light to heavy rain this afternoon and this evening believe it or not the temperature fell dramatically as snow fell on the high ground just outside Waterville. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 12.4 centigrade.  Now we head for memories past on Waterville Lake. By UK Currane Angler Ian Scofield.
Hello Vincent, I see the Yorkshire judge had a second memory so I thought this Devon judge might have a go! This is about an old ghillie Mick Donnelly Here goes. I first visited Currane in 1967 and have been staying at Raheen every year since. I was privileged to get to know Mick and Bridie Donnelly who used to live at Raheen and brought up their family there. Mick was one of the old ghillies from pre-war and he would talk of the days before engines were allowed. The boats were wooden, very heavy with heavy wooden oars. In a big NW blowing, there were two ghillie's on the oars with a privileged angler in the stern. Bridie told me she would watch the lake and fear for Mick's health and safety. I once asked Mick if he could swim, and he said "yes, to the bottom" No life jackets of course I was lucky to spend a few days with him on the lake in his mid-80's after he retired. His knowledge of the lake was legendary. He retained his interest in rowing and I can see him now, Guinness in hand watching the rowers at the Valentia regatta. Mick and Bridie are long gone but they are fondly remembered.
Best wishes Vincent

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