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Monday, April 20, 2020


20/4/20 All quiet on Lough Currane, wind East light with bright sunshine all day. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 15.1 centigrade. On that note we will head for Lough Currane memories of years gone past.
Today’s story of the past is by Mr. Michel Allonsius of France

1- picture 110314: my grandson Maxime takes first brown-trout with spoon. A salmon jumps on a spoon near boat. Boat rent at Michael O’Sullivan and at 23 May 2017
2- picture 142443: Maxime and six other brown-trout with me. On the 23 May 2017
3- 155315: rainbow in the distance as we headed out on 8 sept 2017
4- 162653: 25 pay 2017 On Grassy island during breakfast.
5- 10900485: mouth of the river Cummeragh in Michael’s boat
6- with Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of   salmon fly fishing 9 pounds on mouth of river on 21 May of 2018. You have picture with salmon at Lobster bar. Boat of Dominic.
7- On 2019 boat for Kerry Brittany ferries was out of order: NO FISHING on Currane.
8- Covid 19: NO FISHING on May. May be on September with boat of Michael or Dominic.
9- On 1976 my ghillie was Vincent Appleby of
10- New picture of Maxime on 23 May 2017
Kind regards

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