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Monday, May 10, 2021



10/5/21 Just 3 boats out this day and nothing for their good efforts, on that note all I can say is one more day to go and one more day of sorrow and then it is the end of the Brown Tag Spring season and the 2021 Salmon and Sea Trout Season can get into full swing on the 12th Wind WNW then veered WSW fresh with reasonable cloud cover followed by the odd shower. Now we head for your point of view Department and Currane fly Angler Mr. Bill Bullock makes his point, It’s All yours Bill.

Yes Vincent, of course you can.  I do hope you're well.  If the fate of Lough Currane saddens me, I can only imagine how you and all the other ghillies around the lake must feel.  It's an absolute disgrace.  In my lifetime and indeed not that long ago, it was the finest seatrout fishery in the British Isles.  The dogs in the street know what the problem is, and the political prevarication is blindingly obvious.  It's farcical to have anglers putting fish back and running around with brown tags when the fish farms are murdering the trout in the manner that they have been proven to do since the late 1980's.  I hold John in high regard. He tells the truth.  If only the fishing recovered, we'd be back in Waterville tomorrow.  With very best wishes – Bill.

2006 was the first year I returned to Waterville after a long sabbatical. We were there at the end of May and caught some lovely trout with Frank Donnelly. Then the sun came out and spoiled it.  However, we were in no doubt about the quality of fish in the lake. On the day we arrived, we saw a 6lb+ trout in the Lobster and the gannets were working the estuary.  We were privileged to be in Waterville. It makes me sad to see today’s results. Brown tags and C&R will not solve the problem. Get rid of the fish farms, otherwise we will never see Currane restored to its former glory- Bill

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