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Wednesday, May 12, 2021


             Eric Jouen  

12/5/21 The Battle of the real 2021 Salmon and Sea Trout Season got off to a cracking start today with a cracker of 10 lbs. Salmon caught on the troll by Local Gillie Mr. Eric Jouen and of so congratulations to Eric for converting to the blue tags in style as well as being a Brown Tag winner and converting his Brown tag into a Salmon. The rest of the Currane Anglers had the blues but no conversions. Wind SSW and Veered NW light to fresh with showers.


Now to the Comment department, Alan replies to last night’s notes, It’s all yours Alan.

Well very sad to read your blog last night Vincent, what is going on with IFI, why are they coming down on anglers so hard, we all know anglers are not the problem to the salmon and sea trout decline in Currane, fish farming has destroyed that wonderful fishery, drift netting at Dursley island, Ballinskelligs bay, dingle etc, IFI should concentrate on these illegal activities and leave anglers alone, and as far as fish farming what are salmon watch Ireland at, farms increasing in size and our wonderful sea trout almost wiped out, and no opposition to fish farming. Sad, Alan


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