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Sunday, May 2, 2021


                              the Calm before the storm 

2/5/21 Only three boats out on this Bank Holiday weekend, sadly nothing to report this day and on the eve of a yellow wind and rain warning for Kerry and it will be interesting to see if we get the big flood we need, so click here you might be disappointed because the rain fall isn’t that great, they are forecasting 12.6 mm?  just for the record there were 3 Brown Hand me down Tag boats manipulation. Wind NNW and veered SSW light and sunny all day as you can see by the calm before the storm picture.


Now to the email department, the first comes from Alan an the second from Mark, so the stage is yours Lads.

Are you serious David how is that possible, 4 people were drawn out twice , and the 8 tags were passed on to other anglers, why was this allowed, it’s a an absolute  disgrace, who allowed this to happen , in that case Erick should have got a second tag, and I feel for the local anglers that weren’t drawn out it’s a real kick in the teeth, to only receive a passed on tag, where has respect and common sense gone. Alan.

I would love to know where the other 25 tags Vincent are, how can IfI introduce brown tags to Waterville and give them to people that haven’t or weren’t able to travel to fish Waterville lake, it’s brainless and badly organised and it’s a total insult to locals. Are they trying to close the lake and destroy tourism in Waterville, has anyone stopped to think about this?  Mark



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