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Saturday, May 1, 2021



1/5/21 Four Boats out, their order of merit is as follows, one Brown outright winner and 3 hand me down Brown tag anglers and all I can say is their Brown tags weren’t used this day. Wind SSW light with reasonable cloud cover followed by the odd shower. On that note we will go to a reply to last night’s email. So, it’s over to you David.

Well said Martin, I think it’s an absolute disgrace to hear that out of the 39 brown tags only 14 have fished Currane, IfI  I think ye will have to go back to the drawing board and rethink the brown tag situation, ye have let the Currane anglers and the business people down, what a farce of a system, I remember reading Erick’s comments a few weeks back ,would It not be a good idea to give him another tag  rather than giving a tag to someone that hasn’t fished Currane, also sad to hear so many locals didn’t come out in the brown tag draw and 4 people were given 2 tags each to pass on, what a joke,  Martin you were right shame on you IfI, David

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