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Friday, September 15, 2017


15/9/17 Just a few boats stimulating on Lough Currane and it was all quiet on the SW front and with the wind in the NE that's not surprising. So
now to the complaints department, A point was made that I should stay neutral, normally I would agree but on this occasion I would beg to differ, for this reason, I won’t tolerate people who abuse tourist anglers and who I might add  haven’t broken any fisting law, these Anglers  come to the Waterville Fishery to fish and not to be abused on the net after their Fishing Trip to Waterville, point of order if you don’t mind me saying so, what condition were these Fish in after a good battle? Were you in the boat with these anglers? Answer is No!        


  1. Clearly someone SHOULD have been in their boat or at the very least advised them that the priest or an alternative blow from another hard object was far from ideal for the outcome of these gravid fish. These might be innocent tourists but without the information or advice how can they be called responsible anglers? Wake up Waterville.. come along & join all of the rest of us here in 2017.

  2. Vincent, why should you stay neutral? You also have a vested interest in the success or failure of the Waterville system as a fishery. You have a voice and would clearly get a lot of respect from the readers of this blog if you would simply acknowledge the collapse of the seatrout. I'm not asking you to lead a revolution (God forbid), Just that you take a position.


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