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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Where Eagles Dare!
2/9/17 Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts and for good reason, put Kerry on an orange alert with 40 mm plus of rainfall with a Strong SSE forecasted, just for the record the heavy rain started about 11 am and is still falling 10 hours later. We will exonerate all the Waterville anglers this day as the weather took control of today’s procedures, just for the record there were six boats out manipulating and if a Wild Atlantic Salmon or wild Lough Currane specimen Sea Trout were caught the angler or anglers in question would have failed miserably in their duties for not letting their fingers do the talking. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 17.3c.      


  1. Eight days and not a fish??? What an excuse for a fishery. Fish the Towy 6 8lb plus, fish in four days!and no ferry.

  2. William, it's a lot worse than 8 days without a fish. It's 24 blank days in August and under 100 fish seatrout this year. As for specimen seatrout, we like to kill them. At this stage, it's like killing a dodo but perversely, in Currane, that's a good thing.


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