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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Lough Currane
19/9/17 We start in the C&R backdate department, just for the record in the past week, a couple of anglers caught 3 Salmon and 9 Sea Trout to their rods. Now today’s action, there were just a few boats out this day manipulating the waters of Lough Currane and by all accounts they all failed miserably in their duties and with a nice breeze from the south they have no excuse, either their fly or lure selection has a lot to be desired or their fishing the wrong fly line or their lure at the wrong depth. Wind as already stated and overcast with heavy this morning. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 16.0c.   


  1. Vincent you forgot to add 'or there were too few fish in the lake'! Are you ever going to say anything about the lack of fish? Do you remember a fishing report you posted earlier this summer where you had a photo of a salmon cage out in ballinskelligs bay? I don't remember exactly what you said nor do I intend searching back through your musings but as far as I remember you said something about how it might ruin the sea trout! What has become of your concerns now?
    12 fish for two anglers in a week averages less than one fish each per day.....hardly a record catch now is it?
    Oh on a positive note, I'm glad you can spell fly properly....good on ya!

  2. Southerly breeze, mid September, overcast, no fish?!

    I keep old copies of Trout & Salmon. Here's a few random quotes:
    - "One of the best catches this month was by Ted Lintener, who took 60 seatrout and 2 salmon". [September 1988]
    - "Jim Galvin had 24 seatrout for 48lb in four days, including 10 on June 8." [August 1988]
    - "Paul Scott and his brother took 11 on August 14 and Dr Paddy Gargan had 7 the same day." [October 1991]

    This is getting comical Vincent. The fish are gone. Everyone can see that.


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