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Monday, September 18, 2017


18/9/17 Lough Currane was all quiet on SW front. Wind, calm this morning and a light breeze from the W light this afternoon. Now to the comments department from the C&R angler and I quote, As any good angler knows that the older and bigger Sea Trout produce less eggs. I don’t see anything wrong with killing one. They have there job done. Its killing a junior or 1lb and half trout that’s a sin and we’re all guilty of this. As for  comments, what have all those so call experts done for Currane only take, take and give nothing back. 


  1. There's something I have in common with the Belgian anglers.......I probably will never go back to Currane again!
    But Vincent you are a prize plum, you should have known that publishing those photos would attract so much ire. You have a lot of 'and I quote' in your reports, but who are you quoting? Is it your own rambling thoughts rather than those of another angler who could easily post the comment themselves? Wheres your supporting evidence that large seatrout produce less eggs? I think your on the gargle again!

  2. I am sure Science Direct will be interested in your well researched comments. Large sea trout pass on their long lived genetic traits to their progeny and as such should be fully protected. There should be no reward for specimen trout and certainly none for fish killed in this catchment
    They produce large quantities of eggs and are the lifeblood of the sea trout population
    A large proportion of the finnock do not spawn in their first return to freshwater and as such are not a major contributor to spawning
    Who exactly are you accusing of always taking from the Waterville fishery and giving nothing back
    I am appalled that the fishery is in a state of collapse but your comments are totally out of tune with reality
    This lake needs absolute protection and allowing gravid trout be killed is wrong and next year must see the lake go catch and release for seatrout

  3. As I've said before, publicly is your weapon. The longer local interests and boatmen continue to harbour a misplaced hope that Currane's current woes can be hidden, or will otherwise 'go away', the more you play into the hands of your enemies. Contrary to what you may think, these people are not the anglers who vent their frustrations on your site, but the fish farmers who continue to ply their filthy trade in the face of what is now overwhelming evidence. I guess a brave TD could acquire considerable respect and credence were he to act as your advocate. But, none of this can happen until you publicise the problem - it is already common knowledge on angling forums. So, your 2018 trade is stuffed already and will not recover until something is done to reverse the decline. In this context, I would be very surprised if you do not get wholehearted support from both Irish and mainland conservation organisations and the editors of fishing magazines. Surely, there must be some party out there with the capacity to take on the fish farmers. I'm no lawyer, but your livelihoods have been damaged by the actions of others who are identifiable and may have a case to answer. I think you may be surprised at how many friends you have. However, if you all put your heads in the sand and 'roll over', it's goodnight Lough Currane. That would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

  4. The amount of eggs produced is directly related the weight of the fish. Bigger fish, more eggs. Anglers are the only stakeholder who will protect the fishery. However, as long as anglers are killing fish their calls for action against fish farmers, poachers, polluters etc, cannot be taken seriously and we compromise ourselves as a group. An immediate self imposed ban on killing all fish by anglers co-inciding with a high profile coordinated campaign against those groups destroying the fishery is required. The ramblings on this blog do nothing for the long term survival of the fishery.

    click on about trout
    and choose seatrout and learn more

  6. Yes he is! Maybe he will finally realise that this blog is futile and serves no useful purpose.

  7. Have to agree. This could have been a rallying point to help Currane but it has beocme the lake's worst enemy I'm sorry to say.


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