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Thursday, September 14, 2017


14/9/17 There were just a few boats out this day on Lough Currane and yes you have it, they failed miserably in their duties in all departments and  a few lessons from tourist anglers wouldn’t do any harm and why do I say this? Well it stems from all the negative comments made today and I smell a touch of jealousy, obviously these great Anglers have caught more in a few days than you anglers have caught all season? And as the C&R angler says they don’t come into graze. Now for today’s weather, wind, going by the internet today it was coming from all directions but mainly NW with good cloud cover and the odd shower. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 7.0mm. Maximum air temperature 14.0c.   


  1. Get a grip Vincent the truth has to be told the community of Waterville needs to get together and stop this salmon farm off shore before it's to late

  2. Get a grip Vincent the truth has to be told the community of Waterville needs to get together and stop this salmon farm off shore before it's to late

  3. You say its jealousy Vincent, i dont think so, i dont like to insult people but you are a proper "Clown" . People who comment here are concerned anglers.they care about the seatrout + the entire Currane system

  4. How can complaining about the killing of specimen sea trout be seen as a negative comment? Were these expert Belgian anglers fishing on the oars? Were the 'Hampshire professionals' fishing on the oars? If so, they were fishing tiny pockets of the lake where fish congregate. They paid for the privilege and that's their business. If they kill very scarce trout, that's everyone's business. The lake belongs to all of us, not just an elite.

    Vincent, you are doing a great disservice to the rest of us who have boats on the lake and have invested heavily in the local community by spending our disposable income in Waterville throughout the year and not just for a week or two.
    Fishing the drift is what most anglers on the lake do if they are using a fly rod and there are no sea trout to be found on all the known drifts for four years. This is the truth and your reports confirm it.
    Instead of takig a stand behind a few, you could do a great thing for Currane if you remained neutral and made realistic comparisons with previous years. Do some numbers. You have enough data to make some important general observations.

  5. Vincent, you're getting worse. I have nothing to learn from idiots who think it is acceptable to kill these big spawners. I think most of the comments here are too kind in making allowances for the fact that the Belgian anglers are ignorant to the pressures seatrout everywhere are under. It is their obligation to educate themselves. Is there a system left in Ireland or Britain that can easily afford to have these big fish killed? I dont believe so.
    As for that shite about being jealous? I think you need to up your medication.

  6. The guests that fish the lake have bought a license. So they can take fish if they want. It is the responsibility of the people who rent out the boots to make fisherman aware of the situation. It's in everybody's interest. To promote C&R will hopefully help. Maybe next year by law!

    1. Jesus wept. What a ridiculous position to take. I dont know where to begin picking that apart. Buying a license does not absolve you of any responsibility. With attitudes like yours, the lake is finished beyond all hope. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's right. Of all the shitty stuff that appears on this blog, including the blog itself, your comment is the most contemptible. It shows you know the lake is in trouble but as long as there are licenses for sale, it's up to someone else to stop you killing fish. Good anglers have been C & R on Currane long before this crisis and while the runs were still massive. Take some responsibility for yourself.

    2. I think you misunderstood what I wrote. Of course it's the responsibility of those fishing. I think we all know that and does't have to be said. So again, make people aware and encourage C&R
      I was just saying the law doesn't help.

  7. To be proudly displaying dead gravid salmon or seatrout in their spawning colours for the sake of a photograph at this time of the season is an abominable sin... Full stop. Hang your heads in shame gentlemen. Regardless of whether you only managed to get on the lake for one day of the season or how many tags you have remaining or how much your licence costs is irrelevant. These fish have survived the wrath of the open seas, predation from seals and cormorants and possibly estuary netting as well. They deserve to live having made it this far and the toughest part of their journey is still to come. In another few weeks these fish would have been on the redds, spawning and regenerating the rivers and the lakes. To kill these fish is to show complete ignorance for the species. I urge anyone who fishes for migratory fish and hasn't done it - to set off on foot and to follow the small spawning streams that pick their way through the boulders and the heather and to follow them high into the uplands. To witness the arduous ascent through such inhospitable water in spate & through the surroundings that these fish will face in their weakened state will see you forming nothing other than complete respect & awe for these fish. Any angler of fisherman without this knowledge or interest in the natural history of these fish should not be fishing for this species. Put them back & save yourself from shame. Dead fish don't spawn.

  8. Some Facts.

    1. Return of seatrout to lake has reached worrying level. Catch and release might help.

    2. Scientific research required to establish knowledge base which may inform a willing fishing community to react to the problem.

    3. Blaming a man who reports on fish catches childish.

    4. Trolling is not fishing.

    5. Currane is too small to sustain trolling by people in boats most of the year.... this is not fishing

    6. Trolling is the hobby of ghillies on bright calm days..... explain to customers not suitable for fishing..... money is not the only factor to rule decisions.

    6. Closing fishery bad idea..... promotes More poaching..... fisherman are the best protection against nets and gafs.

    P.s The blog has informed angling on the lough for many years..... people can make their own decisions.... it's merely info...

    1. PS - regarding your PS David - it might simply be a blog reporting information about the fishery but exactly what kind of of a message is being portrayed here? How on earth can posting photographs of dead salmon and seatrout that are well past their best be deemed acceptable? How does this put forward the case that this is a well run fishery% one that the heart of the local Waterville community truly care about? The fish, which are the lifeline of the place are the last consideration... I threw in the towel many years ago with Currane, the local "acceptable" attitudes on Currane were the final nail in the coffin. I sold my boat, my mooring & I vowed never to return there, nor have I since. Why? - Well ghillies trolling right into the mouths of the
      rivers in the so called Fly Only areas,trollers cutting right in front of a boat fly fishing on a drift,and a general attitude of "I've got to get mine"... I could go on but have no wish to raise my blood pressure any further. The demise of this lake and all its associated problems are because of ingrained local attitudes. It's no longer a free for all. It's time to change angling attitudes in Waterville & to put the fish first. If the fish return in numbers so too will anglers.


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