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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Butler Pool 
10/9/17 A few boats ventured out first thing this morning, but come lunch time they called it a day, but as I say that one boat did dog it out for the day and drew a blank, but this didn’t stop the Hampshire Professionals from recording their Grand Slam, and that accolade goes to Hampshire Professional, Mr, Nigel Henshaw, and he did it in style with a cracker of a 9 lbs, Salmon caught on the fly, down stream on the World Famous Butler Pool and at  and I tell you there is one hell of a party in the back of the Lobster Bar and in the words of the Hampshire Professionals and I qoute , we ain’t finished yet. Wind WNW wild at times with the heavy showers. Yesterdays weather, amount of raifall 5 mm. Maximum
air temperature 15.7c.         


  1. Vincent - I know there has been the odd fish lately, but this season has been abysmal and Currane's reputation is built on seatrout - not occasional grilse. The trend is clear and it's getting worse. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that you need to gather the locals together and arrange a meeting with the Minister. Corrective action against these fish farms is required now. If you do not get it, you will have no business left. A ghillie of integrity cannot charge a man €140 to fish an almost empty lake and to do so would alienate your key supporters, I.e. the anglers. Currane is part of Ireland's heritage - with a worldwide reputation . The Minister needs to understand this and be made very aware that to see it die on his watch is a very shameful legacy.

    Less pressing questions awaiting answers are: Why were the lessons of Loch Maree and Connemara ignored? Who made the decision to allow more fish farming? On what basis was that decision made? Where are the minutes of the relevant meetings? What controls were put in place to ensure there were no potential 'conflicts of interest'? What independent oversight is there of these decisions? What consultations took place and with who? Was there an environmental impact survey? Does the Minister realise the economic and cultural importance of Lough Currane to Waterville? If not, why not? No doubt, he will want to be transparent. If not, you need an explanation.

    This is all belated and reactive stuff. But, your current predicament needs to be out in the open. Hiding it, or engaging in denial, will only aid the lake's demise and sully the reputation of all concerned. I read that there are c. 260 jobs in salmon farming down the West coast. On that basis alone, I cannot understand the economics. No doubt, the Minister can explain the rationale that justifies the destruction of a national treasure, i.e. the Waterville fishery and on what basis its benefits will be denied to future generations. Make the man give you answers and let him justify them in the press - with maximum publicity. Do not hide and do not let him hide. If you do, you will be an accessory to this debacle and let the shysters who are responsible off the hook. Publicity is your weapon. Get the bureaucrats to explain themselves in the spotlight. It's your only chance. That's my tuppence worth. Meanwhile, cut the waffle and tell us what we all know.

  2. Bill, 100% agree that this blog should acknowledge the collapse of the seatrout. At the same time, I'm not sure it's up to you to give Vincent a list of instructions on organising meetings and all the rest of your instructions to him. It's very easy to decide someone else should do something. In Ireland we call them Hurlers on the ditch.

  3. I like phrase "hurlers in the ditch". Must remember that one. If you look carefully, I have expressed an "opinion". Whether Vincent, or anyone else, in Waterville chooses to act on it, or the suggestions contained therein, is their lookout and other people may well have better ideas than me. Like you, I hold this place dear. However, it's fate will have no impact on my wallet and I am not on the local hurling team. If recent events pass without a reaction, apathy will let those responsible off the hook and I think there is a short window. If the decision is to do nothing, you can be sure the government will not coming riding to the rescue. I wish everyone well and very much hope something can be done to salvage a desperate situation. Ultimately, of course, action is primarily down to the locals. I do think they will find widespread sympathy and support. Maybe the editor of T&S would help with the publicity?

  4. Agree Bill, needs addressing and only locals can do it. They need to mobilise.
    As for the local hurling team? Bring your boots, you'll get a game. You're in football country there, Kerry lads would know what to do with a hurley!


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