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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


5/9/17 There were just a few boats out and all failed miserably in their duties in all departments, so the least said the better, all I will say on the matter, a few lessons wouldn’t go a miss on the choice of flie and presentation and if you’re a learned lure angler, you can say a Toby or not Toby! Wind NW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterdays weather amount of rainfall 2.8mm. Maximum air temperature 17.3            


  1. Aaah Vincent here you go with another insulting fishing report. Most of us anglers who read your blog are pretty intelligent folks including doctors, lawyers, PhDs etc and have more angling experience in more parts of the world than you have. We tie pretty damn good flies and have been casting flies to salmon, brown trout, sea trout, bass, pollack, tarpon and bonefish for many many years. We have also been fishing for sea trout in Currane and other sea trout fisheries for many many years so we know when its fucked!
    The funny thing is you seem to be unable to admit it! I do really thing you're on the gargle when you write these reports.
    I get more useful information from Vincent Donnelly and his Waterville videos on youtube and he's far more entertaining. Doesn't take himself too serious either and never insults other anglers not like another Vincent. He catches lots of browns but hardly ever a sea trout though.......hmm will you insult him also?
    I'm keeping my Beano sub though!!

    1. You are correct onetimeregular it is fucked, and if the locals like Vincent can't admit it and stop blaming competent anglers (haven't met many duffers on currane )for lack of watercraft and admit it I'm going to stop spending my money in waterville

  2. Once again your enviable command of the English language is something us "flie" anglers can only aspire to... All those years we have wasted, referring to ourselves as "Fly" fishermen....

    Little did we know that magazines & media had been duping us for decades. Publications such as Today's Fly Fisher, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying and Fly Fishers Weekly have deliberately led us astray & have a lot to answer for. Small wonder then that when we are placed in a boat & put afloat on a lake teeming with fish, we all fail miserably. What else can be expected of us?

    Vincent, my dear man, do yourself a favour & quit posting this repetitive drivel. Stop portraying yourself to the angling world as someone who is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. As the previous poster mentioned, well educated people do actually read these daily reports, although God knows why. Remove the blame from the anglers shoulders for the lack of fish & admit that the runs of fish have collapsed.

    When you are in a hole - stop digging.

  3. Vincent, this may be helpful;
    Verb; To FLY;
    I fly.
    You fly.
    he flies.
    She flies.
    They fly.
    We fly.
    NOUN; FLY;
    I use a cast with three wet FLIES, with a FLY on each dropper and one on the point.
    Note the singular and plural spelling of the word FLY.
    I dont know who "John" is, but you're doing his head in with the "FLIE" word.


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