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Thursday, September 7, 2017


7/9/17 There were six boats manipulating on the Lough Currane waters this day and sadly their performance has a lot to be desired and its about time we anglers pulled our flies up and got our act together! On those words of wisdom, we will head for the comments department on the 6/9/17 a comment was made why wasn’t photos taken of the fish caught, well here is your answer from the C&R Angler. As any good angler knows Paul, the more time Sea Trout are out of the water less chance of survival, so they went straight back, I had no time for a photo, its easy take photos when you kill them. Vincent I cant under why you are getting so much stick on your Blog, your job is to report catches, not manage a fishery, your work is top class, photos brilliant and you tell the truth every day. Not inventing stories or insulting people. Fine honest reports. Keep up the honest work. Wind West fresh with good cloud cover. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 16.6c.   


  1. I havn't kllled a sea trout in seven years. But I've taken photos of the very few I've caught on Currane before they go back. Not that hard. Are you advocating catch and release on the lake Vincent?

  2. Vincent, who are you quoting in that report? I don't think anyone said your reports are dishonest. I think it's more to do with what you leave out rather than what you put in. The lake is in crisis and everyone knows it. I think that, as the self appointed reporter on the system, you could be a little more forthcoming in acknowledging the very worrying lack of seatrout. If there were massive runs of fish, you would be calling it out, therefore you really ought to be calling out the dearth of fish. Like all problems, it will not be addressed until we admit we have a problem. I agree that you have taken unfair criticism but it is frustrating that the lake is dying and this report has 100% avoided referring to that in any way. If the problem is ever to be tackled, however successful that is, we will have to do it without the help of you or your blog. You put a lot of commitment into this blog every day without fail and not many would do that but do you not think that you might have a role to play in changing the direction of your blog from reporting the few fish that are caught to highlighting the sealice disaster that has landed on our doorstep thanks to the fish farms? The frustration is coming from your policy of moving deckchairs around on the Titanic. To try to fix the lake may take a lot of time and a bit of pain but if we dont fix it, the pain will be permanent (zero visitors...EVER). It aint gonna fix itself.

    1. As a boy fishing with gillie old Frank D. we caught up to 20 trout a day from juniors to 3lb. Having travelled back many times since the tally has now come to 2 a week. I loved this fishery but cannot justify the cost any more. On my last visit 2 years ago I took a garmin fish finder and scaned all the 'hotspots' NO FISH! Went to the ledges and saw 7 decent images. Vincent. Tell us all HOW MANY HATCHERY FISH HAVE BEEN REPORTED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS? You have to face it the fish are not there.So stop blaming the ' noble' anglers. They can't catch what is not there!! As I post a while ago you may just have to stock the lake with 50,000 rainbows to keep the visitors happy. You have to get your head out your ass. You cannot blame the drift nets anymore or seals or Frenchmen with nets. And fixing the fish counter may give you the real information or will that hurt too much?

  3. Stop blaming Vincent for the lack of fish. He is only guilty of one thing and that's ignoring the collapse of the seatrout in his blog. Shouting at the wrong guy.


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